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Weymouth - Sept 2015

A week or so ago, Elspeth and I grabbed a couple of spaces for the weekend on Phil Corbin's Tango boat in Weymouth.  We dived the wrecks of the HMS M2 submarine, the SS Gertrude, the SS Frogner (allegedly) and the HMS James Fennel.

The M2 was amazing.  We've dived this before but this time the visibility was excellent (for the UK), the tide was perfectly slack, the sun was shining and the wreck was covered in life: conger eels (E counted 12 of them!), lobsters and shoals of bib.  Top dive!

The SS Gertrude was another excellent dive which subjected us to a bit more current this time but it was still possible to stay over the wreck without too much effort.  The propeller was still present on this wreck which is unusual since they're usually made of bronze and salvaged.  We also saw remnants of the engine and a big old boiler.  Toward the end of the dive we saw not one, not two but three cuttlefish!

The next day, our dive on the wreck of the SS Frogner was frankly crap.  It was fairly deep for us air-breathers at 37m, due in part to the super-moon induced spring tides. Also, it  was really dark down there.  I was unable to read my wrist-mounted dive computer without using a torch.  We missed the wreck having found nothing obviously wreck-like at the bottom of the shot-line and spent the dive swimming around aimlessly over an almost featureless sea bed (although we did see a lobster!)  This unrewarding dive still required us to do about 8 minutes of decompression - which was about as interesting as the dive itself.

The following, shallower dive on the wreck of the HMS James Fennel turned out to be much nicer!

Anyway, here are some pics...


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