Yet another narcissistic load of old cobblers that no-one will ever read.

Stoney Cove

Diving trips are a bit hard to come by in 2021 so we've been for a bank-holiday weekend trip to our local muddy puddle, Stoney Cove.

The blurriness in some of these photos is definitely an intended soft-focus effect and not just a lack of skill on the photographer's part.

Tour de Cove

We decided to embark on a complete circumnavigation of the quarry which took us an hour and fifteen mintues - and pretty much all of our air.

It's not called Stoney Cove for nothing. There was a lot of this kind of view on our circuit:

Someone had really churned the bottom up:


I'll resist the temptation to indulge in Dad's Army jokes here. Pike are large, predatory fish, with large, predatory teeth.

"My, what big teeth you have..."


This concrete block house is apparently a remnant of some stone-crushing equipment built by Italian prisoners during the second world war. Now you can get a nice cup of tea here - but it's bit weak though.

Viscount Cockpit

Here lie the remains of a Vickers Viscount airliner. The plane was first flown in 1948 and last flown in January 2009 for Global Airways in the DRC (not this actual one though.)

Fish is served as the in-flight meal:

There's some weird stuff down here:

The direction of the exit is indicated for us by a helpful, previous diver: