Yet another narcissistic load of old cobblers that no-one will ever read.


A diving trip to Proteras, Cyprus with Octagon Divers. This was our one foreign holiday of 2020! Diving highlights included:

  • The wreck of the Nemesis - a fishing boat.
  • The wreck of the Elpida - a cargo boat sunk deliberately in 2019 as an artificial reef and presumably as an attraction for divers.
  • The wreck of the Zenobia - a Swedish ferry which sank in 1980 on it's maiden voyage to Syria along with 104 lorries, loaded with cargo.
  • The Bat Cave - a cave accessed from underwater inside which you can surface and annoy the bats with your torches
This little chap was sitting on my shoulder until I was able to persuade him to get the hell off me. A spot of underwater pole-sitting Turtle on one of the early check-out dives Underwater sculptures Neigh. Elspeth pets a pegasus Elspeth and sculptures Rosy and Alan Lionfish.  Boo! (They're an invasive species here) The bow of the Nemesis Underwater smileyness on the Nemesis Inside the Nemesis Elspeth and the Nemesis Big nudibranch (or sea-slug, if you prefer.  Or felimare picta if you're a smart-arse.) Tunnels and Caves (that's the name of the site!) More caveyness... The Elpida (or rather a picture of it) A bit disorganised, arriving at the Elpida wreck The sharp end of the Elpida THe blunt end of the Elpida Elpida and Elspeth "Got a problem, pal?" Valve and rockers on Elpida's engine Filefish The Elpida's steering wheel Who put that idiot in charge? View of the Elpida Some free-divers showing off Some funky-looking mussels Mussels, again Elspeth and I with the Elpida (courtesy of Steve) Elspeth snorkelling Yours truly, snorkelling Baby lionfish.  (Should have killed it but didn't - snorkelling) One of those.  Snorkelling (me, not the fish) Big-arsed piece of truss or something-or-other on the Zenobia One of the Zenobia's propellers Propeller, again A lifeboat on the Zenobia.  Unused. Follow the steps and you shall find elightenment Turtle on the Zenobia Carpet in the Zenobia's cafeteria.  Nice. Coffee and cakes.  Maybe a pastie.  Bit stale and soggy though. More steps Just hanging around Exploring the Zenobia some more It's all gone a bit sideways Elspeth and some more of our group Lifeboat again... ...and one more time Fish. That trussy, masty thing again. Some lorries and me The battery was flat... ...and I think the carb was flooded (yeah, I know, diesel, etc.) Acrobatics Alan seeing us off for the 4th Zenobia dive Bones.  (Of cattle, I presume) A tasty-sounding curtain-sided trailer in the lorry deck. Some windows Looks like we need a bigger boat Elspeth gazing with wonder at the bats - in the Bat Cave! Bats, in a dark cave Awww... Moar battiness Elspeth and I, in the Bat Cave Leaving the cave You're a bit late with that umbrella, mate