Yet another narcissistic load of old cobblers that no-one will ever read.

Plymouth Nov 2016

Some pics from last weekend's diving including some Grey Triggerfish (off the stern of the James Egan Layne) which aren't normally seen in the UK!

We don't normally dive this late in the year because of the risk of the weather being bad but the sun shone and the water was a toasty (for the UK) 15°C and good visibility (5 to 6m, again for the UK!). The air was bloody cold though.

The other pics include:

  • Divers getting ready for first dive
  • Loo on the HMS Scylla!
  • Elspeth on the HMS Scylla
  • A spiny lobster (James Egan Layne)
  • Edible crab (James Egan Layne)
  • Blenny (James Egan Layne)
  • Conger eel (James Egan Layne)
  • Being picked up by the Seeker
  • Some structural steelwork on SS Persier
  • Shoal of bib on SS Persier
  • Rudder (SS Persier)
  • Steering mechanism? (SS Persier)
  • John Dory (SS Persier)
  • Thornback ray (Glen Strathallen)

As an added bonus, there were Saturday evening fireworks on the Hoe. An excellent weekend!


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